Jeep Renegade: Meet the Baby SUV

There's a new trend sweeping the automotive world and it goes by the name of the "Baby SUV". More formally known as the sub-compact crossover, automakers are building smaller SUVs to meet the demands of drivers.

And, the Jeep brand has joined the fray as it prepares to release the first-ever 2015 Renegade.

Designed in the same guise as the iconic Wrangler, the Renegade boasts exceptional versatility to go along with its legendary off-road capability. As a result, the Renegade is a "Baby SUV" that's fit for any driver on the road in the Lawrenceburg, KY area.

Additionally, drivers can also upgrade to the trail-rated Trailhawk that improves performance when you're seeking adventure off the map.  As pictured above, the Trailhawk has been designed to honor the Jeep brand's long legacy of off-road performance.

Until it arrives, visit Chrysler of Lawrenceburg to take advantage of our Big Finish Event through the end of the year!

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